4 Data centers
300 Gbps network
99.999% availability

Offering One Speed: High-Gear

Our 300 Gbps network is fully redundant, and is connected to multiple Tier 1 network providers.
What that means for you is that it always stays online - no matter what happens.

Buffalo Buffallo Carriers

Buffalo, NY

Low latency and high throughput network access to North America and Europe. Fully redundant native 10GE network consists of Level3, Telia, Torix & XO onsite. We recently completed a connection between Buffalo, NY, and the Toronto Internet Exchange Community (TorIX), a key North American Internet Exchange Point (IXP), to ultimately provide our customers network latency below 10ms.

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Los Angeles, CA

The Server Mania Los Angeles network provides the lowest possible latency to Asia and Australia making our LA1 data center a smart choice for customers who wish to reach those regions. Fully redundant native 10GE network consists of nLayer, PCCW, Inteliquent and a variety of local peering.

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Los Angeles Los Angeles Carriers
Atlanta Atlanta Carriers

Atlanta, GA

Located at 56 Marietta, our Atlanta, GA facility is the most heavily connected building in the South East United States. It’s network consists of nLayer for primary transit and AboveNet/Cogent as backup.

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Chicago, IL

ServerMania's network consists of nLayer, NTT and extensive local peering. Additional carriers are onsite and available. This facility is capable of supporting extreme power density per cabinet, up to 10kW.

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Chicago Chicago Carriers

State-of-the-art DDoS protection at the edge of our network

Server Mania has partnered with DDoS Mitigation Experts RioRey to offer the latest next-generation analytics driven DDoS protection in our Buffalo NY facility. Four RioRey appliances have been added to offer up to 120Gbit/s of DDoS protection, covering all major types of attack metrics including SYN floods, UDP and ICMP floods, as well as invalid packets and more. Read RioRey's "Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks" in order to understand the full range of DDoS attacks which we are able to mitigate automatically.

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Carrier-grade core routers


Our twin Juniper MX960 Core Routers serve as a pro-active measure to fulfill our brand's 100% uptime SLA for years to come.

The Ethernet-optimized MX960 has been proclaimed to be one of the largest Carrier Ethernet platforms in the industry.


This carrier-grade network infrastructure, provides 99.999% availability and rapid fault recovery.

The MX960 Universal Edge Router has a throughput of 260 Gbps per slot, and 9.92 Tbps of system capacity. It supports high-density interfaces, including 100GbE, 40GbE, 10GbE, and legacy formats: SONET/SDH, PDH, and ATM.