Management Team

Kevin Blanchard, Founder & CEO

Kevin Blanchard is the founder and CEO of ServerMania. He has over 14 years experience in the IT industry and is committed to building client-focused infrastructure and server hosting products that meet the real-world needs of ServerMania’s business customers.

Kevin founded B2 Net Solutions — a server hosting provider — in 2003. Over the course of a decade, he built B2 Net Solutions’ reputation as a trusted provider of dedicated server hosting for many business niches, overseeing both technical and business operations.

In 2013, Kevin founded ServerMania: a new infrastructure hosting company for a new era. A culmination of many years’ experience of the diverse server hosting and support requirements of small and medium businesses, ServerMania’s hosting options accommodate the full spectrum of SME hosting scenarios, from dedicated servers for optimal performance to high-availability cloud platforms for unbeatable flexibility and elasticity.

Under his leadership, ServerMania has flourished as a path-breaking provider of cloud, dedicated server, and colocation services, with a commitment to offering low-cost server hosting to small and medium businesses without compromising on performance or support. Since 2013, Kevin has guided ServerMania’s growth into a world-class hosting provider with data center facilities across the US and Canada.

Chris Niedojadlo, COO

Chris Niedojadlo is Chief Operating Officer of ServerMania. His main focus is on managing the team that supports ServerMania’s customers and ensuring that the company meets stringent quality standards for service levels and support.

Chris joined ServerMania as Chief Operating Officer in 2013. Before he came to ServerMania, Chris spent many years building successful online companies from scratch. He attributes his success to his client-focused approach to business growth.

In addition to his role as COO, Chris oversees ServerMania’s Account Management department, which focuses on customer retention, billing, sales, and customer service.Chris started his first shared web hosting company at the age of 14, and since that early start has occupied many roles in the hosting industry, including CEO, sales, and business development roles. His focus throughout has been on providing customers with the best value for money, excellence in customer service, and superior product quality.

Justin Blanchard, CMO

Justin Blanchard is our Chief Marketing Officer. He takes the lead on all ServerMania’s marketing strategies, shaping the company’s public profile and raising awareness of the unique benefits ServerMania offers to SME infrastructure hosting clients.

Justin is committed to discovering how ServerMania’s expertise and technology can be applied to the changing needs of its valued customers. He is passionate about learning what business owners and IT departments need and being at the core of ServerMania’s efforts to deliver tools and processes that align with those needs.

Justin also project manages many of ServerMania’s internal initiatives, always with a focus on implementing systems and processes that provide value to ServerMania’s customers.Justin joined B2 Net Solutions in 2009 as Brand Manager. He soon became Marketing Director, and in that role shaped the initiative that led to the formation of ServerMania. At ServerMania he took the role of Chief Marketing Officer and currently oversees business planning, advertising budget, and marketing strategies.

Jay Caissie, Director of IT

Jay Cassie is Director of IT at ServerMania. Jay takes the lead on network engineering, server management services, internal systems, engineering, and escalated support. In short, Jay is the brains behind the technical aspects of ServerMania’s hosting platform.

Jay is an experienced IT professional with many years experience of data center operations. He started his varied career in IT at the age of 13, running internal systems for video gaming communities. His experience also includes being the lead engineer for a project that deployed satellite IP networks to remote areas of Nunavut, Canada. Jay has been responsible for the development of cloud and bare metal server platforms in multiple data centers, and has designed and implemented custom software to streamline customers’ infrastructure hosting experience.

With over a decade of experience in data center environments, Jay has unparalleled expertise in data center management, the development and auditing of disaster recovery systems, and planning and process implementation for critical outage management and backup systems.

Jay started with ServerMania as part of our escalated support team, before taking on a role as system administrator, and then moving to his current position as Director Of IT.